Same-Sex Love Fails the Sin Test: AKA, Stop Comparing Us To Pedophiles

I dedicate this post to the legion of people who have ever compared me to a pedophile, an alcoholic, or an adulterer. I know I've told you these comparisons aren't worth discussing. I know you thought I was just being…

When I Confused Selfishness for Faithfulness

I won’t ever forget my cowardice. It was fostered by a thousand small decisions to turn away from pricks of conscience, little warning signs that all was not well in my beloved denomination. One of my favorite classes in seminary…

3 Principles You Need to Preach on LGBT Topics

I know first hand how isolating it can be to be a queer person in a traditional church. Sometimes it seemed like I was the only one. The church didn’t know what to do with me, that much I knew.…

Glossary of LGBT Terms

Affirming/Nonaffirming: Affirming refers to those whose understanding of sexuality is affirming of people's innate orientation and gender identity. This perspective affirms those who have pursued same-sex relationships, positive identity as a queer person, or a gender identity different from their biological…

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